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Starting a Cigar Brand: How Much does It Cost?

There are many reasons to creat a Cigar Brand. Some reasons may include;

-Generational Wealth

-Entrepreneurship Dreams

-And wanting a new career

Whatever the cost TIME and MONEY!

There are several factors to consider when starting a Cigar brand, such as lables, boxes, storage, blends, quantity, distribution, and the list goes on and on!

With the influx of Cigar brands popping up everywhere, you have to question the most important part of any product and that is Consistancy of Quality.

If you are cncidering satarting a Cigar brand, Product Quality is the #1 priority. Cigar smokers today are well aware of consistency and quality that you get from some of the biggest names in the industry, so how do you fit in? Unfortunately, WHITE LABELING infiltrated it's way into the cigar market. "White labeling' is slapping a label on a product and calling it yours without any understanding of the product other than 'I just want a brand". Consumer will support simple because it's you, but how long will that last without a Quality produt?

Before you blow thousands of dollars driven by emotion, it would behoove you to seek professional help and the help is out there on

A smart entrepreneur knows to always seek out good information, council, and correct information before launching a product to the general population; it's called 'Rsearch & Development".

Here are two points of advise to any brand owner.

  1. Find a mentor and ask questions, but most importantly...listen!

  2. Visit a repeatable tobacco farm to get a hands-on understanding of how the product is made!

Be a smart entrepreneur, because the moment you release a brand, Quality or Not, it's your brand and Cigar Smoker will remember your brand!


  • What it takes to get premium tobacco!

  • What is takes to build a national selling Cigar brand!

  • What amount of money is needed launch a cigar rand properly!

  • What it takes to release a Cigar Brand Legally!

  • What it takes to protect your brand with Trademark!

  • And MORE!

Enroll in a Master Class today and learn how to do it right th 1st time!

Click the image below for more information on "How To Create Your Own Cigar Brand!

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