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Good Time Gang Cigar Group Video Gets over 40k Views

What is GTG?

The Good Time Gang (GTG) is a group of serious cigar enthusiast that know how to have a damn good time. With chapters all over the nation the cigar scene has completely been enhanced.

Quick history

But where did GTG come from? The concept of the Good Time Gang came from the brilliant mind of Mark Jackson also know as the Mayor! A prominent member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc and manager of TG' s Cigar lounge in Washington D.C.

Photo: GTG South Carolina Chapter

GTG is about bringing good people together to have a good time, with a little"Tom Foolery." GTG has over 2,000 active members nation-wide that range from Cigar Enthusiast, Brand Owners and Lounge Owners. Without a doubt GTG is a vibrant Cigar organization.

Photo: TG's Cigar Lounge, Washington D.C

When I first met Mark while filming an episode on Stogie TV, he welcomed me with open arms and dropped a wealth of cigar knowledge. It was truly refreshing to see another Black man with the same passion for bringing people together over a premium cigar.

Stogie TV

A YouTube channel created by 'TK" that highlights the Cigar industry and Cigar community. Stogie TV episodes include documentaries on the Padron Family and AJ Fernandez, and interviews of some of the biggest names in the industry.

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The TG Cigar Lounge episode on Stogie TV YouTube featuring Mark has over 40k views on youtube. Today Mark has a little bit more grey hair but his heart is still genuine and the organization is well represented. GTG chapters have taken cigar events to the next level with community service projects, fundraising, cigar education, and a toast to the good life that starts with "Up to It" me you want to be around for the rest of the toast.

Photo: GTG South Carolina

Photo: GTG Chicago South


I've been in the Cigar Industry for awhile, and to witness how the culture has changed is simply amazing thanks to pioneers like Mark Jackson and members of GTG. If you are interested in joining a chapter, have no worries, they are easy to find. If you enjoy a fine beverage with a premium cigar and like minds, GTG is definitely for you.

YouTube Episode

Check out the full episode of GTG Founder Mark Jackson here.

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I want to join my home town is in Columbia sc 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾💯😂

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