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She is the BOSS QUEEN!

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Meet Keya Watts; Boss Queen, Cigar Enthusiast, and Official Brand Ambassador of Konscious Cigars.

She is the Boss Queen simply because she wants all Queens to be Bosses! Working side by side with Brand Owner Kevin "King" Brown of Konscious Cigars (Cigar of the Year @Black Smoke Awards) this team is a force to be reckoned with.

One thing is for certain, Keya is for the betterment of the culture and the industry.

As a double minority in the industry she plays a significant role as a woman in a Male-dominated industry, and trust me she can handle her own! As for the "Minority Boom" women like Keya from all across the nation are making their presence known in the industry as Brand Ambassadors, Brand Owners, Cigar Educators, and Lounge Owners.

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You can always find Keya working hard for the Brand and for the culture at Festivals nation-wide. She is focused, leads by example, and always ready to enjoy a premium cigar with like minds. The industry can definitely use more women with the same passion and drive, and to top it off, she loves cigars and loves to see minorities win.

Keya also promotes the "Black Cigars/Lounges" Facebook page which has ever 20k active members. The Boss Queen has a bright future in the Cigar Industry and she is just getting warmed up. Definitely keep an eye out for Keya Watts, the Boss Queen.

You can find Keya on Instagram @Smokey.BossQueen


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