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Opening a Cigar Lounge: Generational Wealth


I know you been thinking about owning your own lounge one day, but what does it take?

For starters, Money! Opening a loung is expensive and there are a lot of factors to seriously take into consideration. For example, Parteners, Cigar Education, Beverage and Alchohol, Permits, New Accounts, Employess, Customers, Capital, Location, Tme, and MONEY!


It's not an easy process and you will need a lot of help. I'm sure you gotten nowhere asking current lounge owners and business owners how they did it, hoping that they will hand you over the blueprint. Most business owners won't provide a full blueprint, simply because you may be a threat to their existing business. Think about it...would you?


Have no worries, I'm here to help, answer questions, and avoid a massive headache.

Trust me, I lost up to $75,000 simply because I did not know what I was doing. Do you really want to loose money...I didn't think so.

Learn from my mistakes (Family, Trust, Corruption, Partners, Money, Employees, Permits, Taxes, ect).

I can say with confidence “I been there, done that.”


So I created a new Course on "How To Open A Cigar Lounge".

The course is for serious people that want to build legacy and generational wealth.

Even if you are just thinking about opening a lounge in the near future, this new course is defiantly for you.

I am probably more excited about this course than you are because it will and has helped so many people asking questions about opening a lounge.

Owning a business is the American dream, so why not make that dream come true!

My new course is now available and here is the direct link:

A humble thank you,

-TK, Founder


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