New Awards Categories for Black Smoke Miami 2022.

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Founder and Owner Tobacco Kennedy "TK" continues to make major changes to the historical festival. New Categories will include the following,

  1. Cigar of the Year (New)

  2. Mobile Lounge of the Year (New)

  3. Podcast of the Year (New)

  4. Humanitarian of the Year (New)

  5. BOTL of the Year.

  6. SOTL of the Year.

  7. Lounge of the Year.

  8. Accessory of the Year.

  9. Facebook Group of the Year

Awards are presented by Susie Mooney (Founder of Lit Torch App)

"We have people doing amazing things for the industry and I believe the new categories will add value to the festival by recognizing the hard working companies in the Cigar industry by the Peoples' Vote."

Photo of Mario Griffith, Multiple winner of Black Smoke Miami Awards.

A list of winners from the previous years are now listed on

The 5th Annual Black Smoke Miami 2022 is expected to draw numbers in the THOUSANDS from all over the nation during the new dates Feb 16-Feb 20, 2022 leading into Super Bowl weekend.

Pre-registration is already open on

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