Lit Torch App Selected as Sponsor for 5th Annual Black Smoke Awards.

The 5th Annual Black Smoke Miami Festival is proud to announce Lit Torch™ app, Army War veteran woman owned, is the sponsor for the2022 Black Smoke Miami Awards.

The founder, Susie Mooney, will present the winners with the award at the festival. Lit Torch™ app, currently over 5,300 downloads, is an app created by a cigar enthusiast for cigar smokers. The app includes a cigar lounge locator, events calendar, notifications of anything cigar related.

Coming soon, the app will have a dating platform for those who are single or in an alternative lifestyle. Susie said “This dating platform allows the users to skip the ‘do you smoke’ or ‘are you available’ phase of dating as it will be by subscription only. If you’re in that space, it’s because you’re choosing to meet and greet”. One of the biggest features of the app is the notification group.

During the festival, Black Smoke Miami will use Lit Torch app notification group (not FB, IG, GroupMe) to keep all attendees informed, parking, special info, agendas for the day/evening, transportation info, last minute changes, etc. Make sure you download the Lit Torch™ app (available on Apple and Google Store), register and subscribe to the Black Smoke Miami notification group on the app so you don’t miss out on anything.

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