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Congress Honors Houston Cigar Festival.

Houston Cigar Week is a Festival that is packed with events for Cigar enthusiasts to enjoy. The Festival is celebrating three years in existence and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Events included a concert that featured celebrity artists Dave Hollister, Ed Lover, and activities all week.

Notable Cigar Industry Leaders also made their presence; Ron "The Boss" Smith of Dallas Leaf, Christine Morgan of LSF, Cigar Mike, Stoney Gillespie of Chicago Cigar Week, Kevin Watkins, Will "Stogie the Bear" Watts, Aryic Bey of Black Starline Cigars, and Kevin Brown of Konscious Cigar Company.

Congress Woman Shelia Jackson gave the festival it's flowers.

Statment made by Houston Cigar Festival:

We are So Thankful 🙏 to The 10k Cigar Aficionados who attended Houston Cigar Week™️ 23’ .. 6 days, 23 Events .. Sold Out Comedy Show, Sold Out Concert, EPIC Grande Finale .. Congress Woman Shelia Jackson Lee said & I QUOTE .. “ On Behalf of The United States Congress Houston Cigar Week™️ Is most Prestigious & LARGEST Cigar Festival in The United States.

It's truly a breath of fresh air to finally receive recognition from the government in support of Cigars and events that give Blacks a footprint in the Cigar Industry.

Congratulations and a job well done,


Publisher/ Black Smoke Magazine

Houston Cigar Week dates are scheduled for May 21st - May 26th 2024



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We had a awesome time. This was Dallas Leaf LLC 3rd year as a Title Sponsor and we are honored to be mentioned.


What a major accomplishment for Houston and the entire culture! 💪🏾🔥

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